David Chan, MD at Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup Asia

"It has been great working with Guy Gampell. Very meticulous in details and always ready to provide support and helping hand when you need one. We have been working together when he is with Sonifex and I am distributor for Sonifex for Malaysia and Brunei. Though I have known him not long ago since 2012, but we seem like old friends. Guy has good experience especially in Studio and Transmitter markets. I was amazed that he can tell me about the local markets and networks in detail. He knows a lot of relevant people in the market especially Asia Pac region as well. Thanks Guy for all the great support you have provided to us. I definitely can count on you! Wish you all the best in your future undertakings."

Darren Frearson, Chairman and CEO at GENCOM TECHNOLOGY
I've worked with Guy on many projects over a number of years and I've always found him to be a hard working and loyal business partner who is focused on achieving results. Guy has a tremendous success rate and has assisted many organisations by expanding their sales channels (and consequently revenues), particularly in the South-East Asia region. I know few others of his calibre and capability in these areas and I wish him all the best for the future"

Kate Murphy, Sales & Marketing Manager, BW Broadcast
"I worked with Guy at BW Broadcast where he managed our Asia-Pacific dealers, he was well placed here because he is well respected within the industry. Guy has very good technical knowledge of all products he has sold over the years and I am inspired by his vast experience which knows no bounds. This has helped him to persist and negotiate with tough customers to win big projects and tenders. He is always happy to share these experiences if he thinks it can help and it has been a pleasure to support and work with Guy"

George Lasry, VP Sales, Channelot.
"I had the pleasure to work with Guy in the years 2011-13 while I was VP of Sales at Channelot. Guy did an outstanding job in developing new markets for Channelot in the Asia-Pacific region. His intimate knowledge of the markets, his long-lasting relationships with high-quality local partners, his ability to find and engage new partners, as well as his close connections with many of the main customers in the target countries, provided Channelot with fast and cost-effective access to opportunities in more than 10 countries. In addition, Guy has a solid background in a wide variety of broadcast technologies, he is able to quickly understand product details, as well as customer requirements, enabling him to effectively promote the company value proposition and instil confidence with customers and partners. Guy is highly trusted, dedicated, and very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend Guy and his services for any company in the broadcast industry striving to develop or expand business activities in Asia."

Jonny McClintock, President - WorldWide Sales, Audio Processing Technology Ltd,
“Guy is a unique individual in that he has a deep understanding of technology, the broadcast industry, commerce and doing business in Asia. His ability to get close to his customer base is a direct function of his enagaging personality and work ethic and specifically the motivation to travel to all points in Asia and the Pacific region 26 out 52 weeks a year. As a result he has built a wide business network which will have intrinsic value in his next role. During our time together in APT he brought value to everyone i.e. customers, fellow employees and share holders. The technology we provided had to be sold on a consulative basis and as such required a deep understanding of the broadcast chain. Given Guy's technology background this came relatively easy to him and thus earned respect from his client base. As a natural "closer" this earned an even deeper respect from all at APT.”

Simon Daniels, Sales Manager, Northern Europe, WorldCast Systems Group,
“For the past five years I have worked alongside Guy at APT and WorldCast Systems. Guy is the most professional pro-audio and broadcast sales person I have had the pleasure to work with. He combines understanding of core technology and industry practice with detailed knowledge of his products, a genuine desire to build strong relationships with his clients, good negotiating skills and great tenacity when in a tough situation. Guy’s skill and experience make him a major asset for any sales team.”

Aubrey Sayers, , CEO, Sepha Ltd,
“I have worked closely with Guy as Product Manager in APT. Guy was great at building relationships with customers and distributors and understands asian culture well. He has a good technical knowledge of the products he is selling. Guy is a high achiever, very focused on the job, hardworking and personable.”

Paul Dengate, Owner, OnAir Solutions,
“I have had the pleasure of working with Guy as the Australian distributor for WorldCast Systems, where Guy managed sales for the region. I was always impressed with Guy's thorough product knowledge, and ability to understand both the market and the needs of the customer. He was also committed to a "whole of life" approach for the product and customer, providing support and strategies for upgrade paths and useful insights into compatibility and interoperability for larger deployents. Guy's level of in-depth technical and sales knowledge and his efforts to partner on projects is not as common as it should be.”

Ken Kearney, Engineering Manager, Worldcast Systems Group: APT,
“Guy is just about the best example of "going the extra mile" that I can think of. His understanding of the technology that he sells makes him incredibly effective in communicating with clients but also with the engineering team to deliver the best always for the company and the client. His resilience is second to none - which makes him very much suited to the Asian market. Succeeding where others have failed is a speciality of Guy's.”

Paul Jarvis, Service Engineer, AMS-Neve,
“Guy was always a pleasure to work with, very honest and professional. He always looked on the bright side of things, and was prepared to go the extra mile to make a project a success. His energy and enthusiasm make for a very good salesman. I'd happily work with Guy again, I recommend him highly.”

Dennis Weinreich, Managing Director, Videosonics
“I have always had great respect for Guy. Both at Akai and later at AMS Neve he set himself apart from many other customer development execs by being technically very on top of the equipment he was dealing with. When you wanted to know how to apply the equipment in specific situations he not only gave you the answers you needed, but if the query was looking at new application would take your query forward into his company to develop new ideas and processes. He was and is a solution seeker”

Paul Davies, (client),
“Guy sold me my AMS Neve Audiofile SC when I first went freelance. But his support didn't end there, over the next two years Guy was always available at the end of the phone and was a regular visitor, asking opinions and seeking feedback about where AMS should go next with the system. Guy's support and interest didn't stop at the moment of the sale but continued during the entire time he worked at AMS Neve.” November 9, 2011

Steve Felton (Client)
“After Guy finished selling the Akai DD8 I can't think of any of the top-flight sound mixing facilities in the UK that didn't own at least 6 of them! Top man - amiable, fun, intelligent, reliable. Also great advice for my Millennium Dome install whilst at Feltech.”

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