In March 2014, Gampell visited Singapore, working with Roots and Telesto to prepare a tender bid for ONEtastic DVB-T2 transmitters.  Two days later Gampell was in KL meeting with Huawei and other systems integrators to discuss their requirements forthcoming projects. Following this visit to Singapore and Malaysia, Gampell made his first market visit to Myanmar; exploring business opportunities for all his client manufacturers, the trip was especially productive for transmitters and studio equipment


(Gampell at Myanmar Radio and TV)

Myanmar (fornerly Burma) is really opening up to visitors following it's years of military rule, the sights and sounds are unique and the people very welcoming

During the visit to Myanmar Gampell was able to present FM radio transmitters from BW Broadcast and DVB-T2 transmitters from ONEtastic, along with studio equipment and codecs from Sonifex and Broadcom.

(Gampell making presentation to Mr Myo Win )

In Myanmar (and also Bhutan), Gampell Sales Consultant is supported by Mr Sushil Pockeral of Sushmit Group, Sushmit Group has strong local contacts and together the representation for the brands carried can be stronger with this arrangement in place.

After Gampell travelled onwards to Thailand, Pokharel continued meetings with customers, here at Cherry FM:

(Mr Sushil Pokharel of Sushmit Group at Cherry FM in Yangon).

After visiting Myanmar, and whilst Pokharel remained in Yangon, Gampell travelled onwards to Thailand. Meeting Loxley, Trinergy, V-Media, IRCT and IRCP.

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The purpose of the visit to Thailand was to develop business further for ONEtastic and also for the new client ARG.  ARG Stagebox is now being tested by customers in Thailand such as MCOT and CAT.

In May 2014,  Gampell made is second visit to KOBA show in Seoul.

Sonifex's distributor in Korea is Dong Yang Digital, and following the visit, Gampell was able to secure an order for the rental of 48 Sonifex RM-4C8s which will be used on the Asian Games in Incheon. The RM-4C8 is a 1u rackmount reference monitor and metering system and Dong Yang Digital have ordered the unit with on board SDI input and audio de-embedding.  The units will be deployed by KBS.

After Seoul that visit was followed by two days in Beijing to give dealer training (on behalf of Sonifex) to the Distributor DMT.

Guy Gampell (Asia Pacific Sales Manager), delivering
new product sales training to DMT staff

As well as new products launched in last 12 months Gampell also covered other topics in his training course such as Reference Monitors including the RM-4C8 and Video embedders and de-embedders.


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